Why Hire Eminence Exteriors to Clean Your Windows

At Eminence Exteriors, we know you are busy. You take care of your home, family, and job all in a day’s time — every day. The last thing you want to do is come home (or wake up super early) and clean your windows. In fact, you would rather have your neighbors compliment you on your home, not see you washing windows.

When you hire Eminence Exteriors, you get more than a window cleaning crew. You get 20-plus years of experience taking care of homes. From exterior repairs to window cleaning, we know how to make a home shine like new — even if it’s decades young.

Eminence Exteriors cleans:

  • Patio, gazebo, and porch glass
  • Interior and exterior lighting fixtures
  • Screens
  • Tracks
  • And more!

3 Reasons to Clean Your Windows Regularly


Not only do clean windows make your home shine like new, but it also protects your home. You probably know that cleaning your windows make your home look nicer (and make your neighbors envious), but what you probably didn’t know is that ignored windows can become damaged. Here are the three reasons to clean your windows regularly:


As you may already know, clean windows look fantastic. They make it easy to look out onto the world and it also gives those who visit your home a reason to love your house. You will love seeing that your home looks nice. And the feeling of receiving compliments from neighbors energize you. If you’ve ever heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, you know that clean windows are necessary.


Etching and scratching can weaken your windows. How do these two things happen? One major cause is not cleaning your windows. Another cause is not maintaining your windows. Leave your windows to fend for themselves, and you will find that, over time, degradation can occur, which leaves you with a window replacement bill instead of a less costly window cleaning bill.


In combination with curb appeal, your home is going to look more valuable when it looks cleaner. This, in effect, makes your home more valuable. Whether you plan on selling your home or you want to be the envy of your neighborhood, clean windows create visual value otherwise lost on amateur homeowners.

Are you ready to schedule your window cleaning for your Edmonton home? Call Eminence Exteriors today to get started!