Eminence Exterior Siding Services

James Hardie® Siding

You made a huge investment in your home. Whether you plan on living in it forever or selling it in a decade or two, the exterior is a vital piece to keeping you and your family protected over the years. One way you can ensure the safety of your family from Mother Nature is to install or update the siding on your home. One great option is James Hardie® Siding. Learn more about this type of siding today!

Commercial Cladding

Do you need new siding for your business? Eminence Exterior provides Edmonton with commercial cladding and Hardie Plank repairs and installation services. After years of experience, we know how to take care of all your siding needs. Whether you’re an architect, manufacturer, supplier, or otherwise, we accommodate all of your needs and take care of your project. It’s not enough to hope that your siding performs; you need to make sure that it does. Learn more about commercial cladding and Hardie Plank.

Gutters and Eavestrough

When it comes to the gutters on your home, you probably don’t think about them until they need repair. You may not have gutters on your home yet, which is concerning. In either situation, Eminence Exterior is here to serve you and your gutter needs. From installation and additions to repairs, we help you get the gutters and eavestrough you need to redirect water off your roof and away from your home. Learn more about our gutter services today!

Vinyl Siding

As a durable, aesthetically pleasing siding material, vinyl siding is a great option for home all over Edmonton. From profile design to color and texture, vinyl siding from Eminence Exterior is the best choice for your home. The marriage of classic elegance and durable material is found in the vinyl siding we provide to you. Whether you need installation or repair services, we can help. Learn more about vinyl siding today!

CanExel® Siding

Not only does siding enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it also protects your home from weather and the elements. When it comes to choosing a siding contractor who you can trust, it’s best to do your research and go with someone you trust. That’s why Eminence Exterior works so hard to earn your trust prior to service being provided. We know what it’s like to find siding and a contractor to take care of your home. You shouldn’t have to do all the work alone. Learn more about how CanExel siding can help upgrade and protect your home today!

Soffit and Fascia

Your roof, whether on your home or business, includes many different components. Two of those important components (while all of them are important) are the fascia and soffit. These two components help vent the roof and keep water from running backward up underneath the roofing material. It’s vital that you have soffit and fascia that protect your roof and look great in the process. Eminence Exterior can provide just that. Learn more about soffit and fascia today!